Saturday, August 22, 2015

Today's Protest At Silver Spring Planned Parenthood

Today the regular pro-life crew, along with 150-200 others, joined with thousands of other like-minded pro-life people in the US (and Ireland, I understand) in the effort to #protestpp.  Many came out in the wake of the seven (so far!) videos from Center for Medical Progress.

I post below video of our event and it's quite self-explanatory.  I did make a typo in the first title with the year, but because the youtube upload took so long, I didn't think it was worth the extra time to fix it.  I do repeat that similar scenarios were repeated at hundreds of other Planned Parenthood locations today.  As you'll hear one of the speakers declare, Planned Parenthood must be destroyed. Yes, defunding is an important step, but it is only one step towards destroying an organization that had racism and eugenics as prime motives of its founding by Margaret Sanger (go to for more info on that).


  1. Great job Janet ! Joe McPherson was wonderful…..thanks for everything you do.

  2. They will be open and taxpayer funded long after you pervert priest-loving misogynist trolls are pushing up black eyed susans. Meanwhile stop harassing women you pigs.

    1. Ladies and gentlemen, if you ever wanted to see a display of the intellectual and moral vacuity of the pro-abortion mentality, we thank "yoadavator" for gracing us with his/her screed, providing us with prima facie evidence that such individuals must resort to ad hominems because their stances are indefensible.

  3. To the individual who calls him/herself "judgment come". I will not publish anything that advocates violence against any person, no matter their stance on abortion.


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