Monday, August 10, 2015

Pope Leads Others In Swilling Environmentalism Koolaid - One Courageous Catholic's Response

Recently the institution of marriage as God ordained it has suffered egregious insults in both Ireland and the United States.  Christians in the Middle East are undergoing horrific persecution, being murdered in the most barbaric fashions.  We have seen (and continue to see) revelations that Planned Parenthood is harvesting and selling parts from the babies it murders, with assistance from our federal government and funded in part by tax dollars extorted from citizens.  Of course there is the murder count of babies killed via abortion - 54 million and increasing every day.

Anyone of these would constitute its own fundamental moral crisis, worthy of the attention of the Vicar of Christ.  However, we've heard nothing regarding these current events from the pope.  Instead, we have received word that Pope Francis has designated September 1st as "World Day For Prayer For Care Of Creation".  Trees and rainforests are receiving much more solicitude from this pope than are poor babies and persecuted Christians.  Lest anyone think the preceding sentence was a tad too harsh, be advised that a few days ago, the pope voiced his displeasure against the clearing of forests in order to plant soy.  Excuse me, but with all the kvetching about "feeding the poor", one might think he'd be happy that more soy would be available to them.  So just where are his priorities?  By the way; when you read that link, go to the comments for it seems that some are waking up.

Now for the bright spot in this morass.  An envirowhacko conference was held in a Catholic church in the Diocese of Orange.  Yes, that architectural monstrosity is a church; the ugliness without was mild compared with the heresy spouted by those conducting the brainwashing conference.  Listen closely to the sister's prattling; she is promulgating nature worship.  Keep watching for the man doesn't stand up till the latter part of the clip.  He uttered the only words of truth spoken there.  At least he got them to pray some traditional prayers for a few minutes.


  1. I don't know what the lower tier of this location comprised, but I did observe the upper tier held a disproportionate number of elderly looking citizens...white hair, grey hair, no hair. Interesting.

  2. In watching the video, it was blatantly apparent that the prayers were begun, not to honor Our Lord, but to drown out what the man was saying and put an end to his speaking. What an indecent way to use prayer.


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