Saturday, August 15, 2015

Maradiaga's Tweets And Concerts Tell All

As you read through the tweets below, recall that Cardinal Maradiaga is the leader of the Pope's handpicked advisors.  He will be attending the next "shadow synod" and will have a decisive impact on the October sin-nod.  From his twitter page we get a rather stark picture of the direction in which he intends to take the sin-nod.  I will probably unpack these tweets in a future post, but for the most part the heresies pronounced in these tweets cannot be missed.

By the way, these tweets are being exposed by other faithful Catholic bloggers too.  Once the Vatican gets wind of that, I might suspect that these tweets might get pulled down.  That's why I've saved these screen shots of them.

And now the concert!  Who else do we know who plays the saxophone?  Hint: his wife thinks she's the anointed heir to the Messiah Most Miserable.  Maradiaga is supposedly "jamming for justice".  True justice is being ill-served - in more ways than one.  Here's your earache for the evening.


  1. This is truly disgusting. I hope you are right. My gut instincts are this clown was hand-picked by the Holy Father because of these ideas and plans are well underway for the locusts to attack the Magisterium.

  2. The Bear strongly believes this to be a clever parody. "Card_Maradiana" is a Twitter follower of the Bear, and to a sensitive Bear's nose (himself a parodist) there is the faintest whiff of dry fun. The guy's a master, though, keeping it well within Poe's Law so that we're not quite sure!

    1. Parody? Who among believing Catholics would do that? Assuming that were true, what he/she did would constitute sin against the Eighth Commandment. I could not condone that for the ends don't justify the means. However, I've no reason to believe this is anyone but Maradiaga. They are becoming more and more brazen about their dissent from the Traditions of the Church.

    2. I agree the guy crosses the line in that they are too much like what one of Pope Francis' guys might say. While effective, they are also false witness. Parody ought to be pretty obvious that it's parody. I'm treating them as parody, anyway. Missing the obvious? Too charitable? Or parodying sincere statements by treating them as parodies? Whatever, I think I got all the bases covered. I think the "monogamy" and "drag-line fishing" tipped his hand. We'll see.


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