Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Degradation Of The Petrine Ministry

That is a phrase used by Dr Taylor Marshall to describe Pope Francis' latest insult, not only to the faith of good Catholics, but to his sacred office as well.   Yesterday he greeted some Catholics after a Mass in Loreto, Italy.  It is customary for Catholics to kiss the ring of the pope, as Dr. Marshall explains.  In the video, you'll see that the pope was having none of that.  It's worth noting that the pope was aware that his actions were being recorded as he not only failed to honor his own office but humiliated those Catholics who only sought to do homage, not to him, but to his sacred office.  But the pope has had a regrettable habit of insults throughout his papacy, hasn't he?

From his clown noses to the beach balls on altars we see his disregard of the sacred - and that includes his office.  We need to keep this man in prayer for he is leading many astray.

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