Friday, March 22, 2019

James Grein Speaks With Michael Voris Regarding His Abuse At The Hands Of McCarrick

Here we see a snippet of a conversation between Michael Voris and James Grein.  The latter suffered abuse at the hands of McCarrick over decades.  His testimony was crucial in helping rid the priesthood of McCarrick.

Grein offers an exhortation to others who have likewise been molested not only by McCarrick but also other pervert priests.  He calls on them to step up and speak out.  I echo his call.  Yes, it could well be difficult, no it really isn't "fair" that you should have to speak out - but so what?  Was it "fair" that Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God, suffered a brutal death on our behalf?   Your testimony could help bring these perverts to justice, clean up the general rot and corruption in the Church, AND to prevent any others from falling victim to these scoundrels.

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