Sunday, March 24, 2019

Marshall And Hichborn On Social Justice Hoax And What You Can Do About It

Michael Hichborn has done extensive research over the years regarding "social justice" in the Catholic Church and the dangers that it poses to the eternal salvation of countless souls.  My Catholic Media Coalition colleague, Stephanie Block, also has done similar research; in fact, Hichborn acknowledges her contributions at the 31-minute mark of the video below.

In this video, Taylor Marshall interviews Hichborn regarding the shams that are the three main vehicles of this so-called "social justice".  They are: Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholic Relief Services, and Catholic Charities.  While the video is long, I think it worth your while to listen closely to the whole thing.  We are obliged to inform ourselves of these matters, and we simply must invest the time to do so.

A word to Catholics in the Archdiocese of Washington.  I now link to the schedule for the second collections in 2019.  Please note these three approaching collections:
  • May 12 - Catholic Relief Services.  For reasons discussed in this video, and many more, this (and the on-going Rice Bowl collection) must be boycotted. 
  • June 23 - Peter's Pence.  In light of recent revelations regarding the stench that is in the Vatican, we dare not feed the corruption with our hard-earned dollars.
  • August 4 - Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  Hichborn mentioned in the video that they try to disguise this collection.  That's why they call it "Catholic Communications and Human Development?.  Whom do they think they are fooling?
Very soon I will give some practical suggestions on notes to put into the envelopes, etc.  For now, please pay close attention to this video and spread this around.  Thank you.


  1. Why do we have Bishops who just ignore all these problems in the Church? Are there any real men among the Episcopate in Washington?

  2. Catholic Charities is certainly not the "good one." It is very involved with the low profile wing of the euthanasia movement that seeks to fully transform healthcare globally. Did you know that Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Illinois is an official community-based organization (CBO) as defined by the Affordable Care Act and was awarded a Community-Based Care Transitions Program grant (CCTP) to keep patients from "bouncing back" to the hospital. Here is a list of grantees by state:

    If you want a scorecard, see a chronology of the Third Path Movement at (short 2-page version and long version with links to primary sources). Private foundations have been funding this movement for decades, e.g., George Soros' Open Society Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

    Now for the really bad news. Under Pope Francis in 2017 the Vatican jumped into the funding game. In that year, shortly after the Pontifical Academy for Life admitted two Soros Project on Death in America scholars to membership in the PAV (Drs. Kathleen Foley and Daniel Sulmasy) it launched the PAL-Life Project, an initiative to build the new field of palliative medicine into a global healthcare system. It is important to know that Dr. Foley and the other Soros scholars built palliative medicine into a legitimate field of medicine with a required one year of fellowshuo training for certification. "Palliative Care: Everywhere and by Everyone" is the Vatican's goal...Palliative care for the seriously ill in all countries. We are in deep trouble.

    Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD
    Executive Director, LifeTree
    PO Box 17301
    Raleigh, NC, 27619


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