Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Pope Embracing Envirowhackoism For Deconstruction Of The Faith

The blog Non Veni Pacem put up some commentary regarding the murder of Natacha Jaitt in Argentina that occurred two weeks before she was to testify against Gustavo Vera, long-time friend of Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis.  Security cameras detected suspicious activity in the area just after Jaitt died.  The blogger pointed out that Vera and Jeffrey Sachs were speakers at a Vatican conference held March 4-5.  The conference focused on Laudato Si and Sachs shilled for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  Journalists were not invited to this pow-wow.  Well, golly-jee!  I wonder why???

Just a few days after that gab-fest, Pope Francis spoke at another - this with a specific goal of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.  Now read closely what the pope is saying.  He's talking about conversion in implementing this thinly-disguised propaganda for population control and earth-worship.  One does not talk of "conversion" unless one is changing their beliefs and actions regarding God and morality.  He's advocating rank idolatry.  The blogger whom I cited in the main paragraph states that Raul Duarte has some "splainin" to do.  Well he's not the only one with "splainin" to do - I refer to the pope.  By the way, as you read the CNA piece, did you notice all the people who seem to be leaders of false religions?  If the pope wanted actual conversions, he passed up a golden opportunity for preaching the Faith (as is his mission); that's more "splainin" that he'll need to do.

In more toadying to envirowhacko population-control enthusiasts, the pope will participate in a "Pan Amazon Synod" in Brazil in October.  As Bradley Eli put it, "The Pan-Amazon Synod will be focusing on environmentalism and social justice issues rather than on strengthening the faith of Catholics, who are losing their religion."  Once upon a time, I thought that this lack of proper focus was merely thoughtless neglect.  I now believe that this loss of Godly faith is by design.  Take a look at that picture of the pope.  It is most inappropriate for the Vicar of Christ to festoon himself in pagan gee-gaw, and grin while holding a picture of himself surrounded by pagan imagery.

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