Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Faithful Catholic Priest Needs Help Now

Before I explain Father Vaughn Treco's situation, please listen to this sermon that he preached on November 25, 2018 - the Solemnity of Christ the King.

This sermon was an honest and factual assessment of some root causes of the mess in which the Church finds herself.  I for one detected no hint of heresy nor dissent.  Sometimes the truth is hard but it must be proclaimed for the good of souls.

Father is the former parochial vicar of the Church of St Bede the Venerable in St Louis Park, MN.  On account of the sermon that you just heard, he has been relieved of his position, his faculties have been suspended and he is even threatened with excommunication by Bishop Steven Lopez.

Please go to the Complicit Clergy site to see how you can support Father.  One thing immediately needs to be done: call Bishop Lopez at 713-609-9292.  He must right the wrong that he did to Father Treco and reinstate him immediately.


  1. Father should immediately contact/join the SSPX!

  2. Faithful priests exiled, while perverts (Cupich, Mahoney, Tobin, et al) & pervert protecting priests (Wuerl, et al) continue to freely prance about the globe. Absolutely disgusts me.

  3. Time for a Level 2 Background Check on Lopez.

  4. That was smoking hot. A barnburner. He is obviously an intelligent and faithful priest full of zeal for God and God's house. Naturally he would offend the worldlings that have infested the church. He has openly denounced Vatican II, the current crop's god.
    He knew what he was doing. He has been faithful in small things, God will put him in charge of bigger things, someday, but maybe not in this life. I want to thank him for his faithfulness. He has spoken all Truth here. God bless you Father Treco. You are one in a million, a shepherd who cares more for the flock than the wolves.

  5. I only wish I had a printed transcript of this sermon. I would read and reread it for the rest of my life because I know it is unblemished truth standing up against evil.

    God, bless this holy and courageous priest.


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