Tuesday, March 5, 2019

NC Pastor Doubles Down On Sin-Coddling

Last month I was alerted to a planned scandal at a Catholic school in Durham North Carolina - Immaculata School to be precise.  I needn't rehash what I already wrote.  Suffice it to say that the pastor, Father Chris VanHaight, saw fit to cancel that debacle.  He feared a protest, not the coddling of mortal sin.  Indeed, he himself was all for the showcasing of a lesbian, simply because she espoused other liberal pet causes (yet another reason why the Church must get away from all that "social justice" boondoggle, but I digress!).

For canceling that speaker, Father must have felt the wrath of the gay-nazis.  Judging from some of the comments on that post and on my twitter feed, I can imagine that they snarled quite a bit - all in the name of "tolerance" of course!  For a sample, see this doozy:
That must have prompted this groveling and sniveling discourse from VanHaight.  He regards it as an apology to the "LGBTQ community".  Well, he should apologize to them: for his approval of their mortally sinful conduct and for not calling them to conversion and repentance for their sins against the natural order.  Anyway, during this talk, he said he would avoid having politicians speak for a while.  Well, it must be for a very short while, for he later said of Alston, "certainly, we foresee her coming to the campus at some point before the end of the school year for sure".  He then spoke of "a different venue".  Was he talking out of both sides of his mouth?

At this time, we don't know if the normalization of perversion before children will occur, let alone when and where.  In the meantime, I'd urge all Catholics to contact Father VanHaight and Bishop Zamara to register your protests.  Residents of that diocese may want to reconsider any financial contributions to the parish and/or diocese until they once again commit to their duties to uphold Catholic teachings, for their own sakes, those of the students and yes, of Vernetta Alston herself.


  1. He is a good candidate for the "Spirit of Pope Francis" award!

  2. We must ALL stay strong in talking against evil perversion in this and all forms. We have witnessed this exact behavior from priests & bishops for years. The faithful in the parish or town should hire a private investigator to research the priest’s history AND follow his movements for a time. The results will likely show the reasons for his limp spine.

  3. I totally agree, Old School. These kinds of things are a big red flag. It's time to put the fear of the investigation into these guys since they clearly have no fear of the Lord. Get the photos and take them to the bishop. If he won't do anything, take them to the press. If they won't do anything, take them to Church Militant TV!


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