Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Why Does The Catholic Standard Insist On Fawning All Over Pro-Aborts?

This past Saturday I opened the latest issue of the Catholic Standard (official publication of the Archdiocese of Washington).  I was happy to see that there was at least mention of the assisted suicide bill - even if it was stuffed inside as opposed to the front page.  Alas, as I proceeded through the paper, I saw behavior that is too typical of this propaganda mouthpiece.

The headline for this travesty reads "For Sister Carol Keehan, Faith And Health Care Go Together".  It's not much more than a shill piece extolling the Obama Hell-Care bill.  The author, who happens to be the wife of the Standard's editor,   Of Keehan, Carol Zimmerman says she "worked hard behind the scenes to help craft the language of the Affordable Care Act passed by President Barack Obama.."  I suspect that sentence is objectively correct.  Obama thanked her and said "We would not have gotten the Affordable Health Care Act done had it not been for her."  Again, that is objectively true; that is to her great shame and I pray that is not to her eternal damnation.  She still has time to repent for her role in the advancement of socialized medicine and worse, further entrenching into our social fabric the slaughter of babies and the introduction of death panels.  The article even makes mention of her Pen of Perfidy.

She had no apologies for those evils or for forcing other religious communities to fund contraception, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor.  The latter had to go to court several times to rid themselves of that onerous mandate. She did complain about faithful Catholics who rebuked her, saying that "people screamed at her, picketed events that she attended.."  I am happy to remind readers that in 2010, shortly after her betrayal, she gave the commencement address for Gonzaga High School in DC.  We were there to greet and rebuke her.  I will repost the video after we discuss the Standard's second slobber-fest.

This article was written by the Catholic News Service.  I cannot seem to locate it on the online version, but it did appear in print, on page 13 of the March 7th edition.  It's entitled, "Dingell, Longest Serving Member Of Congress, Recalled At Funeral As Doer".  He was a "doer", all right, but was what he did moral and in line with common decency, let alone Catholic morality?  The answer is a resounding "no".  This article admits that he facilitated legalized baby-murder.  But other than that teensy little detail, the US bishops and he saw eye to eye; of course that included the Obama Hell-Care Bill that I mentioned in relation to Sr Keehan just a few paragraphs up.

He had two funeral Masses: one at Church of the Divine Child in Dearborn, MI and the second at Holy Trinity Church near Georgetown University.  I understand from Church Militant that Catholics were outraged that he was receiving a public funeral.  I'm assuming that most of those Catholics were addressing the Dearborn debacle.  As for Holy Trinity?  Well, it's a Jesuit-run parish and is the same that gave Joe Biden a standing ovation during Mass just after he and Obama were elected to office, so need I say more?

I still am trying to figure out a reason why the Standard wasted so much news print over those two.  Whatever the reason, they once again insulted faithful Catholics by lauding the "praises" of those who betrayed the Church, the babies and ultimately Jesus Christ.

Now here's the video of our protest of Keehan at Gonzaga,  McCarrick was there and he too got an earful; watch all the way to the end.  This exemplifies how we must rebuke them, for the bishops are just going to pat them on the back.

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  1. Those who don't read the Standard are uninformed. Those who do read it are misinformed!


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