Saturday, March 16, 2019

Persecution Of Faithful Catholics From Within And Without

I'm posting a video from Church Militant's download.  The panel is discussing the ever-increasing ways in which faithful Catholics are being demonized precisely because they are faithful Catholics.  Not all of this persecution is coming from without, but much of it is from within - mainly from highly-placed clerics who have abandoned the Faith but still retain their high positions (for now) and yes, from Pope Francis himself.  Church Militant is one such group, having been falsely accused by a EWTN-afiiliated priest of issuing death threats.  Oh, by the way - Michigan's attorney general is launching an "investigation" into Church Militant for being a "hate group".  But don't get too concerned about this priestly accusation and the impending investigation happening within such short proximity of time!  After all, that's just some strange coincidence, right?  Right??  Hmmm.....


  1. Wow.....I didn't put those dots together....if they actually belong together. Time will tell. I do know that Fr. has gone on this rampage with CM not just once but several times. I sincerely hope EWTN's Dr. Ray doesn't feature him on his program. If they continue, they will hear from me and most likely from a lot of people. EWTN needs to cut him loose.

  2. Keep up the good work! This priest has Church Militant Derangement Syndrome!


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