Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sacriilege At Immaculate Conception Church In Durham NC

This past Tuesday I wrote about planned gay-coddling at Immaculate Conception Church.  Today I was advised that it happened that same day.  The unrepentant lesbian, Vernetta Alston, addressed parishioners at the invitation of Father VanHaight.  My sources didn't hear about it till yesterday, but I just now saw this announcement on their facebook page that had posted on Feb 27.  It's also on their website, but not in the bulletin.  Please note the response to the comment; Alston spoke in the sanctuary.  What??  Did they at least remove the Blessed Sacrament so that Our Lord wouldn't be profaned as she was honored in defiance of the US bishops?

My hope is that this sacrilegious smooch-up was poorly attended.  At that hour, I hope very few of the school students were there.  But the sanctuary of the Church, and perhaps the Blessed Sacrament, were profaned.  For these reasons, good Catholics must offer to Father VanHaight their polite but firm rebukes, as well as prayers for his salvation (which he greatly jeopardized).  In addition, Bishop Zamara must hear from faithful Catholics as well.  I've no doubt that both heard from the gay-nazis.  I would say that they caused VanHaight to cave, but from what I'm hearing, VanHaight really is allied with the perverts and their enablers.  The video leave little room for doubt.  We faithful Catholics have a duty to be no less vociferous in defense of the Church's teachings.

If any faithful Catholics have children who are students of that school, you may wish to consider withdrawing them as there is now reason to doubt the quality of Catholic education they are receiving from that place.  Some of those commenters who hurled their bile at me claimed to be former students of that place.  Your children's salvation may be imperiled by attendance at that school. 

Other Catholics within the Durham diocese may want to consider advising Bishop Zamara that your participation in the Bishop's Annual Appeal may be contingent upon him restoring fidelity to the Church's moral teachings in his parishes and schools.

Please network with each other.  I heard too many times that local Catholics are reticent about speaking out because they fear the local gay-nazis.  If you network with each other, you will draw strength and courage from your camaraderie.  You will draw even more strength from Mass and the Rosary.  Your salvation and that of your families depend on it.


  1. May I also suggest that faithful Catholics avoid this parish until "Father Chris" is removed.

    1. At least withhold donations, both at parish and diocesan levels, until that happens.

    2. Get a load of this:

    3. Our Archdiocese has it's own heresy!


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