Sunday, March 31, 2019

Bishop Gregory's Assignment To Washington Would Be Another Disaster

On Thursday I passed on the news that Atlanta's Archbishop Wilton Gregory is the most likely successor to Cardinal Wuerl.  Please watch the video below for a synopsis of many troubling things about Gregory, and why his appointment to the Archdiocese would simply signal that the Vatican really isn't serious about addressing the sex abuse plague nor the heterodoxy that has led so many Catholics astray. 

Catholic Laity for Orthodox Bishops and Reform issued a press release when they heard what we hope are unfounded rumors.  Read that very closely.  We need to petition the apostolic nuncio and ask for a real faithful bishop.  The contact information is here.  One thing Christine Niles said is that we laity must raise hell if we don't have a real bishop in our chancery.  We agree.  We will be devising strategies to do precisely that if we must.


  1. Thank you for a great report... Please tell me the significance of the Skull sitting on the desk in front of everyone??

    1. I believe it's a "memento mori" thing, reminding us of the Last Four Things. Many older pictures of saints often show skulls, too.

    2. It is a "memento mori." It's sign and symbol...a reminder of our mortality.

  2. Is anyone really surprised by this development?

  3. So now it's official! What a complete disaster.


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