Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Maryland Literally Dodged A Bullet Today

A few weeks ago I posted on the "murder by doctor" bill that was winding its way through the Maryland legislature.  It passed the House of Representatives and in the Senate made it out of committee.  It failed a Senate roll call vote today.  We thank God for His mercy, but we must understand how perilously close we came to legalizing yet another form of murder.

The vote was a tie vote.  One Democrat abstained from the vote.  That's right.  The measure bombed by one vote.  Some lessons?

  • Elections matter, even on the local level.  What if the Obie Patterson, a PG County Democrat, was not in that seat but instead there was a more hard-core Democrat?  Well then, we would have been praying that Hogan remember who elected him.  We've got to clean out this progressive cabal that skulks about Annapolis.  That means Montgomery County especially, for it was MC Democrat Will Smith who was a main sponsor of that bill.
  • Our lobbying voices matter.  Perhaps Patterson heard enough from good people who told him that his political future depended on him not voting for "murder by doctor".
When we pray our Rosaries, let's remember gratitude for today's respite and remember to pray for a culture of life in Maryland and this country.

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  1. It's a miracle, really, that President Miller, a Democrat AND suffering from terminal prostate cancer, voted "no." Unless, of course, the intention was to NOT get it passed so they could tee it up in the 2020 election---a presidential election year, like they did with abortion amendment??


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