Sunday, March 10, 2019

Support Abp Naumann And Father Maxim

Father Craig Maxim is pastor of St Ann Catholic Church in Prairie Village, Kan.  The parish has a school.  Recently Fr. Maxim declined to accept a child into the school  who is being raised by a same-sex couple.  Father issued an email to explain his reasons, as his decision has sparked some protest.  Archbishop Naumann has also received these protests, but is standing firm in his decision not to compromise Church teaching.  He rightly says that the situation in which the child now lives cannot exhibit respect and obedience to Christ's teachings on marriage and family life.

So those kvelling and whining about "punishing the child for the parents' sins", I take it as a positive sign that you acknowledge the "parents'" actions as sinful.  By the way - "parents" is in quotes because at most only one of them can be the child's biological parent - unless they adopted the child which means that neither is a parent in a moral sense.  Your outrage is misplaced.  Instead of badgering the pastor and bishop, direct your anger to those so-called "parents".  Of course some of you may be in league with the obvious attempt to get the school to accept the mortal sin of sodomy.  Anyway, here is my open letter to that same-sex pair.

(Begin open letter)

Dear Same-Sex Couple who is raising and exploiting this child:

Let's cut to the chase.  You are exploiting this child.  Just as so many of you have been trying to break the resolve and livelihoods of cake bakers, florists et al in your attempts to force them to affirm your mortal sins, you seem to have that as your end game in respect to St Ann's school.  Why else would you attempt to enroll the child in a school that has as its core mission the impartation of Catholic teaching?  Surely you must be aware that the school would be teaching to its students, and the child in your custody, that same-sex "marriage" is both a farce and mortal sin.  Why would you want this child to hear that?  Or do you intend, later down the road, to cajole and even threaten the school into a false acceptance of your mortally sinful lifestyle?

A number of your syncophants are even now badgering the school to "show mercy".  In actuality, it would be the epitome of cruelty to the child to pretend that your lifestyle is anything but dangerous, certainly to your immortal souls.  If mercy is to be shown to the child, the onus for doing so lies on your shoulders - nowhere else.

If either of you retains any shred of knowledge of Catholic truth (assuming you were brought up in the Faith, and that may not be the case), you might recall that the first Spiritual Work of Mercy is "rebuke the sinner".  That is precisely what I'm doing.  For you to show mercy to your child, you'll quit your sinful parody of a marriage and cease all homosexual conduct immediately.  You will get yourselves to Confession.  You will explain to the child the wrongness of your actions.  That would be the best lesson in truth and mercy that he or she could receive from you at this time.  For that matter, it would be the most merciful thing you could do for yourselves and each other, for this current lifestyle of yours, if continued, leaves you in danger of eternal damnation.

(end open letter)

We do not know who they are, and that is best so as to protect the identity of this poor child.  Please spread this around to increase the chances that this couple will see it, both for the sake of the child and their own eternal salvations.

The Archdiocese of Kansas City posted an explanation of its policy regarding admission to Catholic schools on the front page of its site.  Please read it, and then take a minute to thank the archbishop for standing for Christ's teachings.  The archbishop doesn't have his own published email address so I'd suggest emails to the Vicar General of the Curia.  An alternate email and phone can be found here.

Also please support Father Maxim by contacting the parish.  This site has a handy contact form as well as the usual information.  You can also visit their facebook page to offer support; that page is featuring comments from gay-supporters who think "acceptance" means embracing mortally sinful conduct.  Thanks.


  1. Poop Francis won't like this! it's not "welcoming" nor "pastoral" or "accompanying" . And what about the "smell of the sheep"?

    God bless this holy priest and bishop! What times we live in.


    Enjoy this doozie!

  3. God bless Archbishop Naumann and Father Maxim. They will be in my daily prayers. I will also pray for the child and for the conversion of the child’s “guardians”.

  4. I guess we should also keep children out with divorced and remarried parents. Or who were born out of wedlock. Or whose mother/father are having an affair. Or their father had a vasectomy. How about the people who own payday lending stores and other usurious lenders? Should their children be admitted? Children from non-Catholic families that want a better education for their children? Children whose parents had an abortion at one time or another?

    1. The scenarios that you mention have the possibility of being morally corrected, and/or they are of a nature that isn't a flagrant disobedience to God's laws. That cannot be the case with two gays.

  5. Hi Janet, I linked to this post today. I also wrote to Fr. Maxim and Archbishop Naumann. Thanks so much for the heads up and especially your open letter. I hope many people will consider how uncharitable it is to children to put them in such serious situations of cognitive dissonance! Parents today really are using their children to advance immoral agendas. It is so evil!

  6. An adoptive parent is not a parent " in a moral sense"? Tell that to the crisis pregnant who may be pinning their hopes on an adoptive couple. The key is that the couple is able to stand in for the mom and dad who brought them to life, ie a man and woman.

    1. When the other person in the couple is the same sex as the biological parent, of course not. This is not a difficult concept. You seem to have some grasp of that in your last sentence, when you acknowledge that life can only come from a biologically-born woman and a biologically-born man.

    2. When we have to explain that kids need a male father and a female mother, we are in BAD shape!


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