Sunday, March 3, 2019

Physician-Assisted Suicide In Maryland

If ever there was a ridiculous euphamism, "physcian-assisted suicide" would be one of them, ranking up there with "abortion".  Both were concocted to mask the real meaning of their deeds, which is murder.  The former targets the elderly and the infirm.  It is that which is the focus of this post for its legalization is wiggling its way through the largely pro-death Maryland legislature.

HB 0399, known as the "End of Life Option Act", was in committee and I believe has been voted out of it onto the floor.  Maryland Right to Life has information about this and SB0311, the Senate cross-filing.  I do not know its status in the Senate.  It was being heard in the Judicial Proceedings Committee, but cannot find whether or not they voted on it.  Please contact the members of that committee, particularly if one of those senators is from your locality, and ask them not to send it to the senate floor.

Please contact your delegates and tell them that you want them to oppose these bills.  Spread the word and let's do all we can to keep Maryland from incurring more blood-guilt before Our Lord.


  1. Another affront to the Author of Life.

    How many "Catholic" legislators will vote for this? And what will their Bishops do?

  2. Such people are CINO's at can not be in favor of abortion and/or assisted suicide and/or eugenics and call yourself R/C or even a Christian.


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