Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Calling All MD And PA Catholics To Stand For Truth This Saturday!

Several weeks ago I posted of the abominable decision of Mount St Mary's to ask pro-abortion and pro-sodomite Mark Shriver to give the commencement address at the Mount's graduation ceremony on May 11.  Despite the protests of many faithful Catholics, they are hell-bent (literally!) on kissing up to Shriver.  They seem not to care one whit that they are in flagrant disobedience to "Catholics In Political Life".

So now we are left with no choice but to picket.  We've got to preach truth to the people attending for Shriver, by his presence, will be posing a scandal to every person there.  We must provide the antidote and yes, we must speak a word of rebuke to those who dared to hold up for honor someone whose public stances are gravely immoral.

This picket effort is largely spearheaded by TFP Student Action.  They have done quite a few of these demonstrations; I've demonstrated along side of them twice at Georgetown University over the years.  Their personnel have secured a location for us to picket there, quite close to the entrance of the hall where the commencement will occur.

Please plan to arrive at 8:45 at the Campus Public Safety Office.  It is on the west side of Rte 15.  Turn from Rte 15 west onto Anadale Road then an immediate right onto Old Emittsburg Road.  The office is the white building at that intersection.  From there, campus police will lead us in our cars to a parking area close to the picket site.  Please bring appropriate signs and your Rosaries.

Please spread word of this, and please attend and pray for this effort.

Because many readers may not have been involved with protests of this sort, I present now a video of Randall Terry interviewing other brand-new activists who proclaimed truth at a function in Texas for Pete Buttigieg (another dissident Catholic) spoke.  If they can speak out, we can all stand for truth as well.


  1. Praying for your efforts from Florida!

  2. Yes, please God, there will be a good turnout. It is exhilarating to be at a function like this. We are the happiest when we are doing some little thing for God. Please Lord, magnify this effort and may hearts be changed. Mount St. Mary's does a grave disservice asking a pro-abort and pro-sodomy speaker. Appalling.


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