Sunday, May 12, 2019

Catholic Relief FUND????

Having been at the Mount picket yesterday and then focused on the video and blog post (to be published very soon), I was not paying attention to the second collection schedule.  I should have, for I know full well that the Catholic Relief Services second collection occurs in May.

I was immediately alerted to that when, during the announcements right after the Creed, it was announced that the second collection would be "for the benefit of the Catholic Relief Fund".  I realized immediately that this name-change was an attempt to obfuscate the name "Catholic Relief Services", much like the name "Catholic Communications and Human Development" is intended to mask the real intent of that collection, that to fund the CCHD.

Immediately I got out pen and paper and jotted a note, saying that I will not contribute to CRS as long as they participate in the distribution of contraceptives and signed my name.  I dropped that in the second collection basket.  As the collection was taken, we were thanked for our support of the "Catholic Relief Fund".  So again that bogus name was used.

After Mass, I checked the Archdiocesan website, and sure enough, today is the day on which the second collection is for the Catholic Relief Services.

I went into the lobby and noticed the CRS envelopes next to the song booklets.  I asked Father about that strange wording and he replied that was what was written in his notes.  I've no doubt about that and he was merely announcing what he had been told to announce via the notes.  The question remains is, who dictated the contents of those notes?  While it's true that we do have some Spanish-speaking people in the parish offices, I cannot see how any confusion between "fund" and "services" could have occurred in any translation.  In Spanish, fund is "el fondo" and service is "el servicio".  That translation would be impossible to confuse.

So...  Who ordered that change from "services" to "fund", and why????

Did anyone else notice similar anomalies?


  1. You may have also noticed that the Catholic Standard (English) is much different than El Pregonero (Spanish). It is filled with many more articles and many more advertisements. It not only contains the articles which you see in the Standard but also has many, many others. Many of them, deal with (illegal) immigration. My parish gets some copies and unfortunately, I forget to get one.

    1. No, I hadn't realized that. Part of that problem is that I don't read Spanish. I'll see what I can do in the future.


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