Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Summer Sloppiness??

Summer is approaching.  Unfortunately for some that means that their already-too-loosey-goosey standards of dress will deteriorate even further.  A few priests will put some blurbs in the bulletin but even fewer will actually say something from the pulpit.  So, as in many other areas, it's up to us laity to speak up.

Truth be told, I was inspired to revisit this topic when I came across this excellent article.  It is worth a read.  I'll now link to an older post of mine regarding this very topic.

Faithful Catholics, we can - we MUST - do better.  Yes, that means you!  Let's dress like Mass is the most important event of the week - for that is precisely what it is.


  1. Clothes say something about what we think, what we value. They also influence how we behave and feel. That our culture has become so casual about everything says something about us. I cannot exactly articulate it but it seems to say, “nothing is really all that important.” But that is not true. Going to God’s house IS important. Being ministered to by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is astounding. Casual attire in these circumstances is
    simply inappropriate if we really think about what we are doing, where we are going and who it is we will meet. It does not necessarily follow that we must wear tuxedos and formal gowns. But decent semi-formal attire seems wholly appropriate. Sunday is special, God’s House is special. Somethings really ARE important and our clothing and demeanor ought to reflect this truth.

  2. Just a couple of things...Thing One: Our first Pastor when my husband and I were married would mention how people would ask him what is appropriate apparel for Mass. His response [a Franciscan] was always the same, "If you have two sets of clothes to wear, choose the better set." He also placed reminders in the bulletin beginning in May [because it usually doesn't get warm around here until end of May, beginning of June] that certain clothing was never appropriate for Mass, and it would be listed.
    Thing 2: When my children were little, I always had that one special dress or pant/shirt/tie set aside for Sundays. The reasoning was simple--we were going to see the King of Kings!


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