Wednesday, May 22, 2019

ADW's Next Bumpy Ride Gets Underway

As of today, our archdiocese is now under the spiritual care (or lack thereof) of Archbishop Wilton Gregory.  His installation Mass and ceremony today was a mere harbinger of things to come.  From Catholic News Agency we see some snippets of insipidity.  To wit: "I want to be a welcoming shepherd who laughs with you whenever we can, who cries with you whenever we must, and who honestly confesses his faults and failings before you when I commit them, not when they are revealed"

No, no, NO!  Forget all this talk of "laughing" and "crying", Your Excellency!  You are our designated leader and shepherd!  Where are the promises to uphold the Sacred Deposit of the Faith?  Where are the promises to call dissidents to repentance and to discipline them when necessary?  Where are the promises to expunge the poisons of abortion advocacy and gay-coddling from the clergy and church structures? 

Enough of this talk of giggling and blubbering!  That is silly, effeminate, touchy-feely fairy-talk!  Such a squishy screed confirms our misgivings that the dissidence-coddling of your Atlanta days  simply changed locations.  For us in the Archdiocese of Washington, it portends at best that our episcopal leadership will be lack-luster at best.  I hope to be proved incorrect.

But alas, two other harbingers of continued mediocrity were at that Mass.  Those "signs" are now-disgraced Cardinal Wuerl and now-disgraced Cardinal Mahony.  Yes, they were right up there.  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if McCarrick was also in attendance.  Of course in his laicized state he would have had to be in the congregation.  But I digress.

Given the way that both Wuerl and Mahony have disgraced their own collars and robes, a normal person might have presumed that they would stay away.  But they didn't.  Were they defiantly sending a message that their vision for the Church in the US was being advanced by Gregory's placement as Archbishop of Washington?  I wouldn't be surprised for unfortunately they may be correct.  That is all the more reason to pray that our clergy return to the One True Faith.


  1. The practice of scandalous sacrilegious Communion will continue. In 2004, McCarrick and Gregory worked hand-in-hand to conceal (and lie about) the now-famous letter from Cardinal Ratzinger to the American bishops, telling them that denying Communion to pro-abortion politicians is obligatory. That Ratzinger had to write such a letter is scandalous in itself, since every bishop had to know that the Denial of Communion to notorious grave sinners goes back at least as far as Saint Paul. Nevertheless, the bishops proceeded to vote themselves permission to commit the mortal sin of nullifying Canon 915. Cf. "Catholics in Political Life."

    The McCarrick-Wuerl regime was relentless in promoting this mortal sin, and today only about ten American bishops do not commit this mortal sin.

    With iron logic, giving Communion to pro-aborts has led to giving Communion to adulterers and sodomites. Cf. Cupich, McElroy, O'Malley, Gregory, etc., etc., and, of course, Amoris Laetitia.

  2. These guys have no shame and no remorse. At Ab. Dolan's consecration in Milwaukee years ago, who was also present? The disgraced Ab. Rembert Weakland. It is to Dolan's shame that he allowed Weakland to perform episcopal functions, until an irate laity protested.

    It is also to Dolan's - and Ab. Listecki's - shame that a plaque featuring Weakland still stands in the Cathedral in Milwaukee. Example of the narcissistic bent of homosexuals like Weakland.


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