Saturday, May 25, 2019

Pope Francis Coins A New Term - Efficientism!

And make no mistake about it!  According to Pope Francis, this "efficientism" is a bad thing.  I mean, really really baaad!

From Brietbart we readIt is a mistake for the Church to try to hold onto old traditions or to have clear answers for everything, Pope Francis said Thursday

and even worseJesus intentionally omitted telling his disciples many things so that the Church would learn to renounce the desire for clarity and order

Boys and girls, can we say "blasphemy"?  What else do you call it when you falsely and deliberately claim that Jesus did not want clarity and order in His Church?

He mentions that Jesus never spoke of the Gentiles observing Jewish dietary laws - but that doesn't mean His will wasn't made plainly clear.  At the Last Supper, Our Lord told His disciples that He had many things to tell them, but they couldn't bear it yet.  The Holy Spirit would reveal them - and presumably clarify them.  We would do well to recall that during the time of the Apostles, public revelation was still being announced.  That process ended with the death of John the Evangelist.

So now the pope is trying to claim that Jesus is deliberately ambiguous, just as he himself is!  Is he trying to refashiion Our Lord into his own image and likeness?  Maybe in addition to blasphemy, we might also be talking about idolatry.  He certainly does seem to be paving the way for more insults and injuries to the Traditions and Sacred Deposit of Faith.  Will we be talking of female clergy?  Communion for adulterers?  Coddling of homosexual perversions and crimes?  Banning of the Traditional Latin Mass?  The elevation of envirowhackism and "immigration" invasions to de facto infallible dogma?  I'm sure this list isn't exhaustive.  All these will be greasing the skids towards hell for countless souls.

If any progressive accuses me of "efficientism", I will loudly proclaim GUILTY AS CHARGED!


  1. Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does!

    What a horrible, idiotic Pope!

  2. Jesus was neither silent nor ambiguous. He entrusted his Church to His Vicar, Peter, and the apostles and sent the Holy Spirit to fortify their memories of precisely what He taught.

    "There is much else besides that Jesus did; if all of it were put in writing, I do not think the world itself would contain the books which would have to be written." John 21:25

    "...All authority in heaven and on earth, he said, has been given to me; you, therefore, must go out, making disciples of all nations, and baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all the commandments which I have given you." Matthew 28: 18-20

    "He who is to befriend you, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send on my account, will in his turn make everything plain, and recall to your minds everything I have said to you." John 14:26

  3. Cardinal Bergoglio is not now and never has been a valid pope.
    That title and office and teaching authority still, despite some appearences, vests fully in Pope benedict xvi.

    All catholics are advised to shun the apostate and material heretic Bergolio.

  4. This person is obviously the Destroyer. May more Catholics wake up to what he is and his goal, and not follow him into perdition.
    And may God send the remedy soon.

  5. Where are the Bishoops? Where are the Cowardinals? What an Epusscopate!

  6. Well, has Pope Francis made it *absolutely clear* that Jesus was *not* clear and there are no absolutes?

    He (PF) seems pretty clear about that.

    Wait... what?


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