Saturday, May 18, 2019

Pro Life Legislation - Opposition From Strange Sources

A few days ago, Alabama passed one of the most comprehensive laws against abortion to date.  By no means is Alabama alone, as other states have recently passed their anti-abortion measures: Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Georgia.  These laws have some differences between each other.  They certainly are not perfect in that some allow for exceptions.  However, they are a lot better than what has happened on the legislative front for quite some time now.

However, not all are pleased with these initiatives.  Oh, I'm not talking of the usual pro-abortion "gang of suspects" that slither through the Democratic party or the offices of NOW and NARAL.  I'm talking of those whom we might have believed to be our allies.

For starters, in the states listed above, have any of those local bishops praised their state legislatures for standing for babies?  I haven't heard of any, and would be delighted to be informed if some have in fact supported pro-life legislation.  I learned that the Tennessee bishops actually denounced their pro-life laws, citing "legal worries".  Well, of course these laws are going to be challenged in court.  Of what are these bishops afraid?  Do they fear that they might be called upon to help defray costs of defending the legislation in courts?  Are they that much in love with their bank accounts?

Then we have Pat Robertson, one-time head of the "700 Club".  He thinks that Alabama's bill is "too extreme", especially since it doesn't have "rape and incest" exceptions.  Well, yes, the aim is to protect all babies.  In Robertson's mind, how many babies should be sacrificed to the murderers, so as not to be "extreme"?  As for his desire for "rape and incest" exceptions", I'd love to see him debate that with Rebecca Kiessling or Ryan Bomberger, both conceived in rape.

Not to be outdone is what I call the "Non Pro Life Mutation".  They claim to be oh-so-much-more enlightened than we, the Great Unwashed, who have been pro-life activists for decades.  I looked at their facebook page and sure enough, not a peep regarding these measures is found therein.  Wait a minute; there is some glop about how one of the states discriminates against illegals.  In fact, there's more on their page about illegals than about the babies.  So much for the left-wing fake prolifers.

On the other hand, we have a bunch that calls themselves "Abolish Human Abortion".  At least their facebook page mentions the babies.  They also mention the bills, if only to trash them.  I might have been able to take them halfway seriously if they weren't so virulently anti-Catholic.  They have been known to come to abortion sites where Catholics are praying in front of the mills - to harass the Catholics!  So these legislative efforts have caused the nut-cases on both extremes to put their noses out of joint.  That itself is a sign that the sane people in the pro-life movement are on the right track.

These bills will be challenged, and these challenges may well go to the Supreme Court.  They have the potential of causing Roe v Wade to be overturned.  That itself won't win total protection for the babies, but it will be a significant step.


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