Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Pope Francis, The One-World-Government Shill

Pope Francis, several weeks ago, stated plainly that he wants to see an end to national sovereignty and the establishment of a world-wide government.  In practical terms, that would mean ascribing authority to the United Nations to encroach upon national governments as the latter tries to address the interests of its citizens.  He used the progressive talking points of both climate change and massive, unbridled immigration as excuses to bring about a globalist monstrosity.  If the pope has his way, we in the US and elsewhere would have unbridled baby-slaughter shoved down our throats.

A week or two after that at the Rome Life Forum, Cardinal Burke flat out contradicted the pope regarding one-world government, rightly calling it "not just and legitimate" and noting that one-world government would be by definition totalitarian.  Moreover, he pointed out that patriotism is an extension of the Fourth Commandment, as is limiting Muslim immigration.

Cardinal Sarah also offered correction to positions espoused by the pope and others.  Last month, he pointed out that the call for unfettered immigration is "a false exegesis to use the word of God to promote migration.  God never wanted these heartbreaks."  He was stating that defending migration is a misinterpretation of Gospels by priests and bishops "bewitched" by political and social issues.  I might also point out that the direction of the "bewitching" exclusively tends toward the direction of progressive and anti-God proponents, and that the "misinterpretation" is quite deliberate and thus malicious.

Thankfully more people are waking up to the perils of a one-world government.  The member countries of the European Union held elections this week, with conservatives gaining significant ground in Europe.  Also see here and here.   Immediately the pope whined about the election results, blaming "intolerance" and "racism".  Gee!  Why does that sound familiar?  Shades of November 2016!  Harping on the same theme, the pope, during an interview, compared the wall along our southern border to the Berlin Wall.  I suppose it didn't dawn on him that our wall is to keep out border crashers while the Berlin Wall served to imprison people within the east part of the city.  He then said he didn't understand "this new culture of defending territory by building a wall".  Is he serious?  Is he truly that ignorant of world history?  Perhaps he should take a look at that structure that surrounds Vatican City!  Walls like this have existed for centuries!

But the Vatican isn't only being bested on the political front.  Several leaders of nationalist bents are displaying and honoring their Catholic heritages.  The presidents of Brazil and Italy have both consecrated their nations to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Recall that Our Lady of Fatima requested that Russia be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  To date, the popes (not just Francis) have refused to do so.

Let us pray that more and more Catholics wake up and rediscover the One True Faith, for now it seems that the pope and the Vatican have forgotten it.  Pray that they too will return to the Faith.

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  1. Prat, too, for a swift end to this ridiculous Pontificate.


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