Friday, May 24, 2019

Washington Post Gnashes Its Teeth Over A Local Priest Upholding Catholic Teaching

See here.  They are joined by other progressives in the area.  Unfortunately in Montgomery County there are quite a few of them.  When I say "unfortunate", I mean that they are placing themselves in danger of damnation, owing to their applauding of mortal sin.

Recall how Georgetown Visitation, thanks to Sister Mary Berchams Hannan, soiled itself by its open embrace of lesbian perversion.  A nearby pastor knew he could not remain silent.  Msgr Filari, pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes in Bethesda MD, issued an open letter to Sister.  It appeared in the bulletin. (By the way, should this bulletin "mysteriously" disappear, please be advised that many of us have downloaded it and we can make it reappear!)  Msgr tells the truth regarding the support of perversion.that it will endanger souls.  The screed issued by the Post is both typical and expected.

The real question is whether or not newly-minted Archbishop Wilton Gregory will himself uphold Catholic moral teaching.  Will he?  Will he act as a real shepherd of souls?  Or will he follow the despicable precedent set by his now-disgraced predecessor in office, Cardinal Wuerl, when the latter threw Father Marcel Guarnizo under the bus for withholding Holy Communion from a flaming lesbian?  All eyes will be upon him - including ours.


  1. Don't let the Auxiliary Bishoops (sic) off the hook either!

  2. The bulletin is back up. I just checked.

  3. Was it removed at one time? Please note that I never said that it was taken down; rather, I merely broached the possibility that it could happen.


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