Saturday, May 18, 2019

We Can't Use Private Revalation As An Excuse Not To Do Anything, Not To Fight

These words are uttered by Michael Matt at the 13:08 point of this video.  He goes on, "Soldiers of Christ, which we are by Confirmation, we must continue to fight".  He is speaking of those  who try to use the apparitions of Mary (I'm speaking of just the approved ones), particularly that of La Salette, as justification for praying only.  Nope!  It's ora et labora.

Think about it.  At last week's picket of Shriver at the Mount's commencement, why did only nine of us show up to protest?  I'm not asking that of those who were in front of abortuaries at that time for they were standing and fighting.  I'm speaking of those who, quite frankly, refuse to take a public stand for God's truth, out of cowardice and/or laziness.  Those in front of abortuaries likewise find themselves stretched thin.  If many people don't do some serious soul-searching on this point, they might find themselves unpleasantly surprised at their Particular Judgment at the moment of their deaths.

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