Saturday, July 16, 2011

Again The Standard Shills For The DREAM Act

I suppose this sort of thing will be a regular feature in the Standard.  Read the article closely and notice some things.

They completely and deliberately misconstrue the reasons behind the opposition of so many of us to the DREAM Act.  Notice that when they use the words "immigrant" or "immigration", they deliberately fail to mention a key adjective?  Here is the adjective that they refuse to supply: ILLEGAL.  In this context, it describes those who are in this country without proper authorizations (green card, visa, etc).  They have deliberately circumvented reasonable laws of this country and thus, by their actions, they have rendered themselves criminals.  The Standard's omission of that key word is, quite frankly, patently dishonest.  I fear I must say the same for the Maryland Catholic Conference and those who comprise this "task force" to advocate for the DREAM Act.  A case in point is Bishop Roczanski's statement, "we are an immigrant church."  True enough; however, we are NOT a criminal Church!

Mary Ellen Russell, Executive Director for the Maryland Catholic Conference, urges Maryland residents to "think through the motivations of the law's opponents."  That's fair enough - because we certainly urge Maryland residents to think through the motivations for the law's proponents!  Of course I urge Ms. Russell et al to think through their own movitations for the tweeking of language as described in the preceding paragraph.

Notice the third paragraph.  See how it states that " representatives from the archdioceses of Baltimore and Washington as well as the Diocese of Wilmington will promote the Church's advocacy on immigration issues while connecting those issues to Gospel values."  What does that mean?  Does it mean that they will dare to use the pulpit during Sunday Masses to push this progressive-pandering upon the congregations? 

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