Monday, July 18, 2011

USCCB's Servitude To The Democrat Party

That's what it is!  Why else do we see bishops, chanceries and state Catholic conferences wax so strident as they become the progressives' mouthpieces for issues such as anmesty and special privileges for illegal aliens, the death penalty, global warming, etc - and yet take a muted "pastoral approach" (to coin their buzz words) when it comes to intrinsic evils such as abortion, homosexual behavior, etc?

Voris has it right.  Their "voting guides" are silly at best.  Ever so careful of their "501c3 status", and ever more so careful not to offend their money-bags and sugar-daddies, they refuse to voice clear church teaching that politicians who support the intrinsic evils cannot be supported in any manner - including at the ballot box.  Since Voris goes nationwide, he is focusing only on Obama.  However, this Maryland Catholic will also add that most of the Democrat party in this state does not deserve a serious Catholic's vote.  The list of unacceptable candidates include (not limited to!) Barbara Mikulski, Martin O'Malley, Chris Van Hollen, Donna Edwards, etc.  Should you be at Mass and see on some ignorant soul's car a bumper strip for any one of these pro-abortion politicians, remember Wisdom on Windshields !  Download a copy here; print it out (preferably in color) and always carry some with you, as you'll never know who will need it.

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