Friday, July 1, 2011

Good News! DREAM Act Referendum Effort Successful!

The despicable malfeasance of the Maryland Catholic Conference notwithstanding, the effort to petition the Maryland DREAM Act will go to referendum.  This effort was spearheaded by the Maryland Society of Patriots.  Here is their report.  The results were so impressive that they drew the attention of both the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun.

My blogging colleague, An Archdiocese of Washington Catholic, has this to say about the dubious efforts of the Maryland Catholic Conference - and Casa.  Displaying dangerously simplistic thinking (and that is a generous assumption), the MCC fails to consider this dangerous aspect of the DREAM Act.  Funny thing - they like to glom onto these booby traps that sound oh-so-compassionate, but they don't address the whole picture.  In particular, they don't address the funding aspects.

According to this email that I've received from the Archdiocese of Washington today, the MCC seems resigned to the DREAM Act appearing on the next ballot.  Here is the relevant portion:

Church Prepares to Educate Parishioners on the DREAM Act

The Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) is pleased to announce the creation of an Interdiocesan Immigration Task Force, whose mission will be to educate Maryland Catholics about why the DREAM Act deserves their support, and to help them make the connection between Gospel values and the Church’s public policy positions on immigration.

The DREAM Act provides tuition equity for all students who have been residing in Maryland for at least three years while attending high school. Bishop Francisco González, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Washington, will chair the task force. It includes representatives from the Archdioceses of Washington and Baltimore and the Diocese of Wilmington. Each have have territory in Maryland
As a first step, the MCC has launched a Facebook page dedicated to the issue of immigration as a way to connect people to this issue and educate them. To sign up visit them on Facebook.
MCC has extensive material on their website on immigration issues. Visit the MCC website for more information, or call Kathy Dempsey at 301-261-1979.

Got that?  We're going to be "educated"!  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if some of that occurred during homily time - in others words, during Mass!  Shouldn't the Maryland chanceries be more concerned with education about.., oh, I dunno... things like the Magisterium's teaching on baby-murder, contraception, the homosexual lifestyle being inherently sinful, or adherence to Canon 915 with respect to pro-gay, pro-abortion politicians (many of whom are supporters of this DREAM Act)?
When I learn of specific "educational" actions to be undertaken, I'll advise you - and I ask that you let me know via a comment.

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