Friday, July 22, 2011

NEA - Another Reason To Homeschool Your Children

The National Education Association recently had their annual meeting in Chicago.  Of course they made some key decisions.  So what did they decide?  Well, since they are ostensibly about education, one might think they focused on schools and what students are learning.  Maybe they focused on hiring and retaining quality teachers, or seeing how they could improve drop-out rates, etc.  BUT - the big news was nothing of the sort.  The news actually comes in two parts.

First, they announced that they endorse Obama for President.  Having been too familiar with their antics over the years, I realize that this organization is right up John Dewey's ally and know that they are shills for progressives in this country.  Still, one might argue that this is a waste of the dues that teachers pay into this organization - which brings us to the second part.

That second part is the announcement that they are going to double the assessment that individual teachers must pay to this over-vaunted cabal.  That's right - double!  No big deal?  We're talking about teachers and their relatively-poor salaries being levied for the purpose of funding the campaign coffers of the Messiah Most Miserable.

Parents, do your children and your country a favor.  Get them away from the malevolent influences of this culture of death, of which the NEA is a part.

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