Monday, July 11, 2011

Crisis In The Church - Will It Lead To Persecution?

Scripture and Tradition have always taught us to expect persecution.  In fact, it might even be said that if we aren't experiencing persecution of some variety, perhaps we should ask what we're doing wrong.  The persecution does seem to be getting more and more blatant.  A few days ago you saw on this blog a maniacal woman attack a pro-life activist.  We see how in public schools the very mention of God is forbidden by school officials.  So where is this all going?  The Vortex videos below this jump break will explore that question.

First, we as Catholics must admit there is a crisis, and that it started within the ranks of the Church hierarchy itself.  For the Catholic whose only source of Catholic news is the Catholic Standard, there will be no clue in that publication whatsoever that there are serious problems.  It is, at best, a feel-good publication.  Thus it is quite understandable if this Catholic is unaware that the chancery will not obey Canon 915 or that church officials are rubbing elbows with all sorts of pro-abortion personages.  That is more or less the topic of this first Vortex video.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Then Voris addresses the question of persecutions to come.  Up front I'll say that I disagree with his opinion that abortion and gay lifestyle promotion are here to stay.  I'm investing much effort based on my belief that these can indeed be defeated in our lifetime.  That being said, we have a herculean task ahead of us, and yes, there will be persecution.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

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