Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another "Safe" Abortion!

I know some of you near the Woodside Park in Silver Spring watch this blog.  Some of you have expressed chagrin at our signs that depict the reality of what you tolerate in your neighborhood.  Of course they prick your consciences - as they should, if you're sympathetic to the baby-murdering Planned Parenthood at 1400 Spring Street.

Watch this video (if you have the guts and integrity to do so).  Is this the sort of thing you'll tolerate in your neighborhood?  This woman's distress was entirely unnecessary, as abortion is never necessary.  Oh, by the way - this death center is a member of the National Abortion Federation.  So much for their overly-vaunted standards!  Click here if you can't see embedded video.


  1. Nowhere in the video does anyone mention what procedure the patient was undergoing.

  2. What else would she be undergoing that would call for sedation?

  3. Remember the lesson of Sen. Jon "Not intended to be a factual statement" Kyl. Clinics like PP and the one featured in the video above do more than provide abortions. Quite a bit more, in fact.

    Here's a list of some OB/GYN procedures, some of which require anesthesia.

    All you know for a fact from that video is that on a day in February, a 35-year-old woman named Karen was transported from a reproductive health clinic to a hospital. For all you know she could have had a stroke during a hysteroscopy.

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  5. In the particular procedure you cited, the patient is put completely to sleep; they would not have tried to call her name out. Anyway, an examination of this particular mill's offerings indicates focus on abortion and contraception. See

    As an aside, I do look askance at why the 911 man took so long to dispatch an ambulance. That should have been done at the get-go rather than carry on an entire interview.


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