Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Gazette Probably Won't Publish These Letters!

One of the reasons this blog was started was to give an audible voice to those of traditional Christian beliefs and morals who would not otherwise have a forum - not in the liberal mainstream media nor in the Catholic Standard.  Accordingly, I'll now publish letters to the editor that were recently submitted to the Gazette on the occasion of their recent editorial and the article the week prior, both touching on the ongoing Christian witness at the Spring Street Planned Parenthood.  Not surprisingly, there was a discernable left-wing bias in the Post-owned Gazette.  The letters will appear after the jump break.

Here is the first letter.

The Gazette's July 6th article, Volunteers escort women . . . was quite unprofessionally researched and written. Even kids in school are taught to present both sides of an issue (even while taking the side of one over the other).

People who pray outside of facilities that provide abortion are not protesters. Some are just there to pray for God's mercy and intervention, and a few are there as "sidewalk counselors". Sidewalk counselors do not attempt to deny any woman's choice; rather they share the truth about the dangers of abortion while offering tangible help to those who may want it. Many women, some statistics say as high as 66 percent (1), are coerced into abortion. Sidewalk counselors may be their last hope of escaping this procedure which is harmful to the mother and deadly for the baby. So many women facing a crisis pregnancy just want someone to love and support them.

Escort Bill Falls stated, "There are no significant dangers for volunteers, though escorts have been injured in other parts of the country." No mention that the praying folks and sidewalk counselors do face significant dangers and are very often harrassed, threatened and even injured(2). Jim Pouillon was murdered in Michigan in 2009 while displaying a large picture of a beautiful, smiling baby. He was by himself and no threat to anyone. To get a true story of the violence surrounding abortion, I advise you, your readers, and the pro-abortion author, Jeanette Der Bedrosian, to go to the website

Fairness doctrine aside, I would love to see a similarly positive article praising the efforts of volunteer sidewalk counselors who are just as dedicated, but to life, not abortion.


Diane Hess
Damascus, MD

Here is the second letter
Dear Editor,

I am outraged at the article by Jeanette Der Bedrosian entitled “Volunteers escort women into abortion clinics.” Mr. Paul Valette is painted as a hero and pictured twice. Since when is walking pregnant mothers into a building to have their babies killed a community service? Abortion is dangerous to pregnant mothers. Abortion can result in severe emotional distress, severe bleeding, frigidity, sterility, and death to the mother, among other things. What about the babies? Would Mr. Valette like to be one of those babies ripped out a mother’s womb and trashed? He’s lucky that his mother didn’t abort him.

The article states that on one occasion, Mr. Valette told antiabortion “protesters” at the facility who were blocking the sidewalk that they had to allow pedestrians to pass. I am one of those who pray the rosary at this facility. Never once have I seen any protesters or persons who were praying block the sidewalk. We always move aside to allow everyone on the sidewalk, regardless of their destination, to pass by.

Some of the persons who are praying are also offering assistance to pregnant mothers coming to Planned Parenthood to kill their babies. Sometimes these pregnant mothers do change their minds about killing their babies and leave the premises. Why doesn’t the Gazette publish an article about the wonderful life-saving work done by organizations that help those experiencing crisis pregnancies, such as Birthright of Wheaton, Centro Tepeyac, and the Gabriel Project? Volunteers of these organizations are the real heroes, not Mr. Valette.

Diane Isabelle Reinke


  1. Considering who publishes these papers, it is no surprise they are shilling for the Democrats. This paper is delivered to me "free" weekly. On my town's website a # is given (that doesn't work) about how I can stop delivery. Does anyone know if our tax money is subsidizing Donald Graham to publish this rag?

  2. My understanding, from way back when, is that the Gazette gets the great bulk of their revenue from advertisements. If anyone is aware of taxpayer subsidies, please advise. I tend to doubt that, though.


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