Friday, July 29, 2011

Anti-Child Bile Spreads

We recall the vitriol and venom that greated David and Victoria Beckham of England when they brought their fourth child into the world.  They were chided and derided - even by some of the British Parliament for being "ecologically selfish" and other assorted nonsense.  Mind you, many of them are of the same ilk that shriek "My body!  My choice!" when they want to champion baby-murder.  However, where's the respect for the choice of the Beckhams?  How their hypocrisy shows.  By the way - similar maltreatment is being heaped upon Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

Michael Voris did a clip on this.  He made mention of an entire website devoted to spreading word of "child-free" resorts.  It is  I would recommend visiting it - to learn which resorts you should boycott!  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.


  1. 1) Isn't it a businessman's (or -woman's) right to allow or disallow children from their establishment as they see fit?

    2) If children are such an unquestionable blessing, why have I never seen your children with you in solidarity at the Planned Parenthood in Silver Spring?

  2. 1) Of course they have the right to operate their business as they see fit. However, I have rights, too. If I don't agree with a given business's operating philosophy, I don't have to patronize that business and I can suggest that others also refrain.
    2) Are you doubting that children are a blessing?


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