Friday, July 29, 2011

"Catholyc" Volunteer Network's Love Affairs With Dissidents

You might recall that we became aware of the Catholic Volunteer Network's strange fascination with dissident CINOs last summer.  At that time, they had planned to host an "awards dinner" at the Franciscan Monastery in Washington DC.  Their keynote speaker was Chris Matthews.  We made clear that we were going to picket if there was no public announcement of the cancellation of Matthews as speaker.  Well, lo and behold, we showed up - but the "awards dinner" didn't!  It seems that they were too cowardly to face us.  More can be found here at my various posts regarding that episode.

One might have thought they'd learn some lessons.  I thank my colleague at A Washington DC Catholic for pointing out this year's planned smooch-up to a dissident Catholic.  As he pointed out, at least they aren't planning to desecrate a Catholic location, but the CINO in question is Cokie Roberts.  I'm not certain yet about a protest as there are other unrelated matters for me to consider.

If you saw my comments on the other blogger's piece, you might recall my remarks about the CVN's 2011 National Conference.  Here we have a triple-header of "catholyc" dissidents.  We start off with Rev James Martin, S.J., columnist for the ultra-liberal "America" magazine.  Here's an article from him voicing sympathy for the destructive gay lifestyle.

I've written a considerable amount on Fr Richard Rohr.  Please read it, along with the expanded posts and the links to other revelatory material.  Please take note of his strange fascination with male nudity and the "emerging church movement".

Last but not least we have "Rev" Heidi Neumark.  We can be grateful that she is not Catholic.  The webpage of her Lutheran church in Manhattan gives us a glimpse into her mindsets.  She is working on "challenging the Christian Right from the heart of the Gospel."  That's nice.  Is there a companion effort to challenge the "Christian Left" regarding their silence and complicity when it comes to the evils of contraception, abortion and gay behaviors?  I didn't think so, either.

So there you have it: the none-too-stellar lineup of "keynote speakers" at the CVN National Conference in Philadelphia.  I call upon faithful Catholics in the vicinity of Philadelphia to stand up to this dissident gab-fest that is scheduled to blight their city.

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