Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Governor O'Malley Set To Advocate Gay Marriage In Maryland

Taking a cue from fellow CINO Governor Cuomo in New York, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley made plain his intentions to escalate his push for so-called gay "marriage" in Maryland.  He reportedly will have "other announcements in upcoming months".

Now I understand that Archbishop O'Brien of Baltimore has warned O'Malley that the Church will oppose his efforts.  Good for him.  The archbishop, in regard for the public sin about to be foisted upon Maryland citizenry and for O'Malley's soul (the archbishop is O'Malley's bishop), is obliged to obey Canon 915 in regard to O'Malley and not allow him to be admitted to Holy Communion until he publically repent and rescind all support of gay marriage and legalized abortion.  The same would go for any other Catholic in the Maryland legislature who would dare to support it (Mike Miller comes immediately to mind).

DREAM Act?  Forget about it, Your Excellency!  Don't try to be palsy-walsy with O'Malley on this one, as such action would only undermine your credibility in fighting "gay marriage" in Maryland.

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