Monday, July 4, 2011

Democrat Candidate Commits Violence Against Pro-Life Activist

Lifenews reports that during last year's March for Life on January 24th, a Democratic candidate for the Fairfax County (VA) Board of Education for deliberately striking a march participant with her vehicle.  I direct you to the Lifenews article for the details of the incident and the criminal charges that Charisse Espy Glassman faces in the District.  Read all the way down to see how the automobile is becoming the weapon of choice as baby-murder advocates strike out against pro-lifers who prick their consciences.  Here's the Washington Post write-up.

One has to wonder what took her so long to cease her political campaign.  Did it take that much convincing for her to get it through her skull that vehicular assault (I wonder why the charge isn't attempted vehicular homicide) does not look good on a political resume (although it didn't hurt Ted Kennedy too much).  One also has to wonder just what her educational philosophy would have been, had she actually won a seat on that school board.  No wonder our public schools are in such lousy shape!

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