Friday, July 8, 2011

Heretic Nun To Speak At Washington Theological Union July 14th

Today an astute reader named Maria, in commenting on one of my posts, alerted me to a heretical speaker who is slated to speak at the Washington Theological Union on July 14th at 7:30pm.  She is Sister Sandra M. Schneiders, IHM.  A google search reveals that she is one of that bunch of heterodox nuns of the radical feminist variety.  She is, or was, involved in Call to Action. 

This article details some of her weird beliefs.  Here are some direct quotes from Sister:
  • Jesus is a Sophia Incarnation.
  • The Bible is not only linguistically and culturally strange to the modern reader; it also contains both scientific and historical errors and morally problematic material...
Two years ago, she wrote an article for the National Catholic Reporter (of course!) complaining about the Apostolic Visitation yet to occur.  Here's one choice snippet: "The current Apostolic Visitation is not a normal dialogue between religious and church authorities. It is the ecclesiastical analogue of a grand jury indictment.."  One could opine that she has a problem with Church authority.  In another complaint about the visitation, she opined in an email, publised by NCRonline, that "we've given birth to a new form of religious life".  That's arguably true; however, this "new form" is a grotesque, banalized caricature of authentic religious life.

The title of her talk (as announced in this week's Catholic Standard) is "Christian Mission to the World: What Are We Called To And Why?"  Well, given that this woman thinks that Jesus is a "sophia incarnation", we know that this talk won't be worth the spit produced in its utterance.

For Washington Theological Union, here is a list of the staff, including the president.  Here is a list of the board of trustees.  Finally, here is the page with address, phone numbers and faxes.  Let's contact them and suggest that they not be host to the spewing of heresy.


  1. High marks, my dear. High marks.

  2. To get a feel for "Sister" Scneiders, I quote from an article by Mary Jo Anderson.

    Scurrying along the sky bridge between presentations, a silver-haired woman catalogs her career years as a NASA mathematician and teacher. Well groomed, she wears a large crystal cross.

    "My sensitive young friend gave this to me. We've been friends a long time. Purely platonic. He's gay."
    "Wouldn't you prefer a crucifix?"
    "Not especially. No, actually. There is prism power in the crystal."
    "Is there?"
    "I sense that makes you uncomfortable. Or is it the gay friend that makes you uncomfortable?"
    "Both. How do you defend homosexual practice in light of the clear scriptural prohibition?"

    She dismissed Sodom and Gomorrah as part of the Old Testament and when pressed on Romans declared, "Scripture scholars are looking into those problematic texts." Identifying her own lesbian preferences as a "gift from God," who does not expect the gift to go unopened, she was nonplused to have the same analogy applied to pedophiles.

    Sin is always corporate, never personal. The only personal sin is "participating in my own oppression." Societal sins against social justice and the environment are abhorred while one's personal choice of lifestyle, abortion, or abandonment of vows is warmly affirmed. Call to Action members refuse all calls to repentance, demanding instead the Church grant an imprimatur to clearly sinful behaviors.

    Oh boy.



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