Thursday, July 21, 2011

DREAM Act Supporters Plan "Sabbath Push" In September

A few days ago, I posted on the despicable habit that our prelates seem to have in entangling themselves in dubious alliances with those who publicly support and promote intrinsic evils such as abortion, homosexual lifestyles, euthanasia, abuse of embryos.  All these prelates do is weaken their own voices and compromise their own credibility when they simply must raise their voices - as with the "gay marriage" plans about which Governor O'Malley is noising.

Well, today's Catholic Standard provides us with a quintessential "case in point", with Cardinal McCarrick having a "photo-op" with Dick Durbin, one of the most rabid Catholic pro-abortion members of the US Senate and one desperately in need of the medicine mandated by Canon 915 - a mandate that Cardinal McCarrick (and others) refuse to obey, to the detriment of so many souls, including Durbin's.

In the July 5th issue of the Washington Examiner, (scroll to page 12) Chris Core highlights some "inconvenient truths" about the DREAM act.   The cost of this act will be approximately $40,000 per student.  For those Maryland citizens who are already struggling to send their own children through school, this represents an unconscionable burden.  Even more troubling is the injustice to military families.  Many have been stationed here for years, yet they do not get in-state breaks.  We're talking of children of soldiers, soldiers who are often risking their very lives for their country.  It is patently unjust that those who break the law are being given considerations over and beyond those who put themselves in harm's way for their country.  You won't hear one peep from that from the DREAM supporters - not even the Church's "social justice" clache.

Let's get back to the Standard piece.  While this McCarrick-Durbin schmooze-event seems to deal with Durbin's national version of the DREAM Act, clergy of various faiths took the opportunity to announce their "Sabbath push in September".  It entails "devoting a weekend in September to teaching their congregations about the faith-based reasons to work for its passage".  Supposedly it's a national push, and we can be fairly certain that this will happen in the Maryland Catholic Churches.  Else, why would they be touting this?

If we are going to "be taught" during "a weekend", I might suspect that we'll have a politically-correct excuse for a homily inflicted upon us.  At the very least, there probably will be some sort of "pastoral letter" read sometime during the Mass.  Do I think we should politely just sit there and endure it?  No!  Don't worry, I'm not in the least advocating any uproar during Holy Mass.  I am weighing ideas and want to bounce them off others.  Watch this blog for suggestions in the near future.

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