Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why The DREAM Act Is A Booby-Trap For Maryland's Catholic Church

Through Pewsitter, I came across this article from National Catholic Reporter - Michael Sean Winter's blog, to be precise.  Herein lies a perfect example of the dangers of Catholics flirting with progressivism.  Winter unabashedly spews forth progressive apologetics and calls upon Maryland hierarchy to sell their credibility, if not their souls, to progressivism.

Winters asks this question of the Maryland bishops: "Can they - and will they - fight as strongly for the DREAM Act as other hierarchs have fought gay marriage proposals?"  My reply another question: "Why should they?"   We all know, whether or not we care to admit it, that there is absolutely no justification whatsoever to promote a lifestyle that goes against God's plan for marriage, sexuality and human relationshops and only causes physical and spiritual damage to those who practice it.  If gay activists think that they are acting "in the finest tradition of American politics" and "civil-rights achievements", it's high time that they be informed that they are just plain wrong - on many levels.

On the other hand, good people can disagree as to the means in pursuing less fundamental areas of caring for disadvantaged.  I stated in a previous post that DREAM Act opponents have legitimate concerns that this act may have the effect of undermining the well-being of other segments of the population. 

That brings us to the point of Mr Winters besmirching these legitimate concerns as "anti-immigrant xenophobia".  With all due respect, Mr Winters et al, who do you think you are in dismissing our concerns in such a perjorative manner?   Regretably, Msgr Mark Brennan voiced similar sentiments in the Catholic Standard article last week.

In Mr Winter's first question, I perceive an additional message.  Might it be, "Look, you dissed off your liberal and progressive money-bags and sugar-daddies in opposing gay marriage!  You need to make it up to us!  Therefore, we expect you to deliver Catholic support to the DREAM Act to bolster our votes at election time!  And by golly, you had damned well better squelch all opposition and even questioning from those pesky, conservative tea-party elements within your pews!  Otherwise, expect government funding for your pet projects to dry up in a heartbeat!"

Whatever the underlying intent of that question, without a doubt the progressive elements in the chanceries are getting with the program with all due haste.  Having squelched dissent within the ranks of clergy (and I know some of them do not support the DREAM Act), they have made it clear that they are on the job!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Maryland hierarchy showed the same resolve and alacrity when it comes to ending abortion, or at least Catholic support for abortion?  It would mean that they'd obey Canon 915 instead of treating this binding law as a "pastoral option".  It means that the DC pro-life office would not eschew important ongoing pro-life efforts simply because the truth of abortion is vividly portrayed (yes, you know what I'm talking about!).

Once again, I'm not making a case, "pro or con", for the DREAM Act - at least, not at this time.  For now, I just want to ensure one and all that this question is one in which Catholic moral teaching allows for honest differences of opinion.  Contrary to implications of the Catholic Standard, you are not a "xenophobe" if you dare to differ from the chanceries and conferences.

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