Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can A Catholic Be A Liberal?

That was the topic of a talk given by Boston College professor Peter Kreeft to a group of Catholics in Madison Wisconsin this past week.  Here is a piece from the Cardinal Newman Society,which in turn links to an article on the talk in a local Wisconsin newspaper.

The meeting to which the audience member alluded in his question was the 1964 Hyannisport Conclave.  Indeed there were many dissident clergy and theologians who concocted theological - and dare I say, liberal - snake oil gobblygoop to numb the conscience of any Catholic who takes the pro-baby-murder position.  One such renegade cleric was the late Fr Robert Drinan, SJ.  At the time he was dean of Boston College's law school.  (After his wings were finally clipped, he took refuge at DC's own Georgetown University, a CINO school, but I digress).  Some analysis of that smoke-and-mirrors session can be found here, here  and here.

To consider the Kreeft question, we must realize that today "liberal" and "progressive" are considered to be synonyms.  Understanding that these words today mean the embrace of a philosophy and world view that is both anti-life and antithetical to Christianity, the answer to Mr. Kreeft's hypothetical question is a very plan "NO!"

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