Saturday, November 12, 2011

Those "Peaceful" Liberals

Here are just a few DC-area tidbits that the mainstream media won't bother to mention.

On January 24th, during the annual March for Life, Charisse Epsy Glassman, niece of former US Agriculture Secretary Mike Epsy and a candidate for a Virginia school board position, was found guilty of assaulting a pro-lifer with her car.  Glassman was driving out of an ally towards pro-lifers nearby.  One woman stepped in front of the car, shouting at her to slow down so as not to endanger the other prolifers.  Glassman laughed and kept moving until she hit the woman.  The woman suffered back injuries.  While the woman's name was not made public, I do know her.  I trust that Glassman's budding political career has been nipped.

Second, you might remember the video from a few days ago, when OWS types knocked down the stairs an elderly lady who was attending an Americans For Prosperity conference.  The OWS types were blockading the doors.  One of them was what we could call a "mother from hell".  She joined the blockade - and used her children for that purpose.  As of the time the clip below was taken, she has no regrets about endangering her own children.  Watch this.  The woman does not have the sense of a billy goat.

If anyone saw these in the mainstream media, please advise.


  1. Since you asked, here's a story from the Washington Post, who were the first to break this story:

    Here's a conservative blog post that links to the WaPo report:
    You may recognize it as the LifeSiteNews article you just linked to. They acknowledge that the Post, not Fox, not Breitbart, not Drudge, were the first media outlet to make the charges against Ms. Glassman public.

    Here's another conservative blog post linking to the same WaPo article:
    You may recognize this as YOUR OWN POST on the incident from last July.

    The "biased" mainstream media you spend so much time whining about broke this story in the first place! You read and linked to their reporting, and are still whining about media bias. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  2. Well, very good! I'll stand corrected when the occasion warrants. It's nice to realize that the Post shows signs of waking up regarding these matters.
    Regarding the second topic (the OWS woman who put her small children in front of the door), I'm still open to learning of mainstream coverage of that.


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