Thursday, November 3, 2011

Donor Death "Not Required" For Organ Donation?

That's what three authors of a paper submitted to the American Journal of Bioethics propose.  See this Lifesite News report.  It's been no secret that "live" donation has been going on for some time now, as organ integrity starts to wane soon after death.  Basically they're saying "let's drop the pretenses.  As long as the donors are beyond suffering (whatever that means) and their integrity is respected". 

I believe they'd anesthesize the "donor" - how nice!  They're that considerate - but when would that pretense fall by the wayside?  And precisely how is the donor's "integrity respected" when the little Frankensteins only see him/her as an organ bank?

The fact that these doctors (using the term loosely) can speak so brazenly of their disrespect for the lives of their organ sources with little outcry of indignation from the populace at large is chilling.  I don't know what is worse: the murderous mindset of these "doctors" or the apathy of the citizenry at large.

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