Thursday, November 17, 2011

More CCHD Follies At The Bishops' Meeting!

As if we needed yet more reasons to deny them another penny of our hard-earned money, the CCHD committed some more nonsense.  Well, I suppose they're just being who they are.

From the National Catholic Reporter we read the CCHD bestowed upon Rosibel Mancillas Lopez the Cardinal Bernardin New Leadership Award at the bishops' meeting in Baltimore on November 14th.  Cutting through the NCR's liberal-code talk, we see that she helps illegal immigrants continue to break US law.  Although this young lady is studying law, she seems to have little appreciation for it - and she seems not to have much grasp of Catholic morality as she thinks she has.  While she talks of "the rights of immigrants", I see absolutely no mention of the immigrants' corresponding obligations to obey the laws of their host country. 

When she complains that "immigrants are stripped of their human dignity just because they were born in a different part of the world", she misstates the matter to the point of being absolutely disingenuous.  It is not a "stripping of human dignity" to insist that they obey the rule of law that is enjoined upon one and all who live and seek to come to this country.

As you read the NCR article, you'll notice that Lopez got her start in a church affiliated with the San Diego Organizing Project.  If you've read any of Stepanie Block's articles, you'll recall that it is a PICO affiliate - in other words, a "community organizing" bunch.  PICO lent its support to the Obamacare bill that is ensconsing abortion into our cultural landscape with our tax dollars.

Further down the article, we read that Lopez was commended by Bishop Soto - the same bishop who wrote that lame excuse for a rebuttal of the American Life League's well-documented report on the current dismal state of affairs at the CCHD.  I dealt with that here

By the way - after you read the NCR article, read the comments at the bottom.  They're quite heartening!  Many people are seeing through the smoke and mirrors of the CCHD.

Enough of Lopez.  In an earlier NCR article, you can read how the "CCHD wants to woo back bishops who left the reservation campaign".  As you read this, just imagine a scene from the "godfather" movie, where the old man says "I'll make an offer he can't refuse" or something to that effect - you get the point!  Does that mean there's arm-twisting going on in Baltimore even as I type this post?



  1. Getting a Cardinal Bernardin award is a good thing?

  2. Of course not. I would consider it a disgrace if they tried to bestow one of those on me, as Bernardin (God have mercy on him) did much damage to the Church. My objection is that the USCCB bestowed that bauble with the intention of holding her up for emulation, even as she aided and abetted lawbreakers.


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