Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vortex - "CCHD Should Demand Return Of Grants"

Some folks opine that Michael Voris' Vortex is a tad too hard-hitting: that he's too strident and blunt.  Or, to use their politically-correct lexicon, he's "mean-spirited, unkind, uncharitable".  In this particular episode, I'm of the opinion that he may actually be soft-pedalling the situation a bit.

First, let's watch the video and then I'll discuss that a bit.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

His focus here is on the CCHD collection that will happen for many diocese in a few weeks.  In speaking of the CCHD personnel's reaction to the irrefutable evidence of scandal, Voris states at the 2:03 mark, "for whatever reason - pride, incompetence, extreme incredible ignorance or whatever - lay staff at the CCHD refuses to acknowledge these truths or even actually address them on their own merits."  Let's address that "whatever" reason and lay it all on the table, shall we?

I hope by now you've watched the CIA regarding the CCHD and have taken note of the linkages of the higher level CCHD personnel with various left-wing organizations.  It it my opinion that these individuals are not displaying incompetence or ignorance.  I believe they know very well what they're doing, and that their "stumble-bum" personae are a ruse to disguise their true intents.  I believe part of their schtick was to hire underlings who may well be naive and easy to manipulate, so that they can maintain some "distance" from their doings in the eyes of the public (and maybe the bishops).

At the 3:30 mark, Voris broaches the topic of whether or not the CCHD, in accordance with their own procedures, will seek restitution of grants given to aberrant organizations.  Given the mindsets of the higher ups at the CCHD, I think we know the answer to that question.  Such refusal to retrieve those monies would have nothing to do with "incompetence", as it was the intention to give monies to the atheistic left-wing groups precisely because they were atheistic and left-wing.  If I'm incorrect on that, I defy the CCHD to challenge me on that - and that challenge must be in the action of retrieving all funds from all aberrant groups; huffing and puffing about the matter won't suffice.

Again, I hope you watched the CIA episode from a day or so ago dealing with the CCHD.  This isn't the first exhaustive expose of the CCHD; the very first CIA installment from last December dealt with the origins of the CCHD.  I've reposted it and suggest that you now study this.  It doesn't seem to embed, so click here to watch it.  You will notice the pervasive influence of Saul Alinsky on the CCHD's very beginnings.  The CCHD was founded with nefarious intentions, so is it any surprise then that the current leadership of the CCHD are incorrigible even with confronted with the truth?  It's time for Catholics to disengage from this deadly entanglement with the "katholyc" Campaign for Human Devolvement (spelling changes quite intentional).


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  1. At one time I thought CCHD could be reformed. I no longer think so. It is as Mary Anne Kreitzer, president of Catholic Media Coalition said on the radio this week, those involved are People of the Lie.


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