Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And That's How It's Done!

The above is a sentence in Jill Stanek's blog describing the victory won by a dedicated group of pro-life Catholics in their parish.

The parish in question is Our Lady of Fatima Church in Oak Park, Michigan.  There they are misrepresented by U.S. Congressman Ed Rivet.  Throughout his career (including an earlier stint as State Senator), he has voted to foster abortion and euthanasia.  Last summer he headlined a Planned Parenthood fundraiser.  So what did the "social justice" cabal at Our Lady of Fatima do?  They invited Rivet to give a talk on "The Dignity of the Human Person".  One might think that was a macabre joke, given his anti-life history.

The announcement gave only one week's notice, but the faithful Catholics of that parish immediately sprung into action.  They protested to both the pastor and to the Archdiocese of Detroit.  At the same time, they mobilized various groups and made known that they would stage a protest of the event.   Apparently, not wishing to face the music, the parish relented and canceled the appearance.

And that's how it's done!

Let's review some key points.
  • Someone was paying attention and noticed what was about to happen, and they sounded the alarm.  In your own churches, do you have a network of people willing to keep their eyes and ears open at all times?  If not, form one!
  • The faithful Catholics at that parish were prepared to drop what they had otherwise planned to take action.
  • They were prepared to step out of their "comfort zones" and to get out into the streets, if necessary.  Folks, street activism is necessary, and not just for a few of us;  all of us (this means you) need to get off our duffs and on our feet and in the streets.
  • In this case, the prospect of a public stink was enough to cause the pastor to see the errors of his ways.  Had he not done so, it appears that the people were intent on following through.  So must we be.
If we're going to take back our Church and our culture from progressive lemmings, we need to have this sort of thing happen over and over again.  That's how it's done!

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