Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood President: "2011 The Most Difficult Year In Our History"

OK, boys and girls!  Grab your hankies and shed a tear, for Cecile Richards is in lamentation over the state of Planned Parenthood in 2011.  To wit:
  • Live Action has engaged in video sting actions showing that numerous PP offices routinely cover up evidence of statutory rape of underage girls, giving aid to predators and sex traffickers.
  • Nine states have cut off Planned Parenthood funding, depriving them of $61 million of our tax dollars
  • Owing to that, they've closed numerous locations
  • Abby Johnson started a parade of abortuary workers defecting from the PP ranks and turning pro-life.
Well, golly gee!  We must do something about this state of affairs!  And what must we do?  Why, in 2012, we should do all we can to ensure that 2011 is not their worst year!  And we'll repeat that process until Planned Parenthood has been, once and for all, consigned to the dung heap of infamous history.

Of course we must pray that Richards et al come to conversion and repentance.  Otherwise, if Richards thinks she's in lamentation now, she will really rue her days when she faces her Lord in Judgment.

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