Friday, November 25, 2011

Climategate 2?

It looks like more emails have been disclosed that show the "global warming" - oops!  I mean "cimate change" (my bad!) hysteria to be completely contrived.  Of course the aims are:
  1. to induce gullible people to cede to the government more and more control over our lives (dictating the cars we buy, the light bulbs we use)
  2. to justify our own stagnation of economy and technology (gotta curb our carbon footprints, you know!)
Of course it's a disgrace when the government latches onto this to advance its own growth of power.  It's even more so when progressives within the Church likewise glom onto this (probably to keep those "faith-based" grants rolling in?).  We'll recall all this to mind when they try to trot out yet another "lenten carbon fast'.

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