Sunday, November 6, 2011

NARAL's "Chocolates For Choice" - Picketed!

Although a small crew of us were there to speak words of righteousness and repentance to NARAL's shindig last night (that both served as blood-feast and fund-raiser), it was enough to hopefully prick a few consciences and to cause them to reconsider their hell-bent paths of life.

Often, when consciences are pricked, anger is a first reaction.  While we hope that this anger engenders subsequent reflection, that isn't always the case.  Suffice it to say that consciences were pricked.  We were also in downtown Rockville which is the seat of Montgomery County government - that is, we were in the heart of one of the top liberal lala lands in the US.

The NARAL folks were a bit miffed that the exposed truth of what they're promoting might cause their chocolates to go sour.  They called the police - the Rockville City Police in this case.  Four officers showe up - one for each of us!  One of the officers had this exchange with one of us.  (Click here if you cannot see embedded video).

Notice that the officers' main point is that "people don't like seeing the signs" (paraphrased, but listen for yourselves).  Well, so what?  Since when is exercise of First Amendment rights grounds for police action?  Then he said that the folks attending the bloodfeast wanted to have a nice evening (again, paraphrased).  That's laughable!  A "nice evening" with chocolates paid with (at least in part) the blood money paid to murder babies!

After claiming that some realty company actually owns Gibbs Street, they told us to cross Beall Avenue or get arrested.  It turns out that was actually advantageous for our purposes, since most of the NARAL attendees were parking there anyway - and walking right by us.  Even after we crossed the street, the cops stuck around.  I suppose the City of Rockville is so crime-free that four officers can just lolly-gag around to keep those dangerous signs and pamphlets away from those who profit from the murder of babies.  Perhaps that's the fault of their dispatch officer; at any rate, the City of Rockville just wasted tax dollars to soothe the consciences of NARAL.

There's hope for the NARAL folks, though.  If Bernard Nathanson, a founder of NARAL, can convert and devote the rest of his life to fighting abortion, then so can anyone of them.

By the way!  Take a look at the webpage announcing the event!  In particular, note the third paragraph, first sentence, where it says, "As in years past, we will feature our famous chocolate martinis and decedent chocolate desserts"    Now note that underlined word.  One might think that was just a careless spelling mistake when they meant to say "decadent".  Consider that the word "decedent" means "dead person".  Might we have an unconscious acknowledgment that this event was a blood-feast?  (NARAL, don't bother changing it now!  Many of us have already cached the page!)


  1. "You're entitled to your opinion; they're entitled to their opinion." Wonder if the police officer would feel the same if NARAL advocated killing cops instead of little babies. At least he has the means to defend himself. (My brother the retired police officer tells me "cop" stands for "constable on patrol."

  2. The officer's exact word was that they were trying to have a "good" time (as he waved his nightstick about)...

    Still, I'm disappointed that you did not see fit to mention that one of the two honorees at this event was Heather Mizeur who was being honored for her (successful) effort to expand Maryland taxpayer funding of abortion and contraception coverage ("family planning services"). This woman has also been touted in the Catholic Standard of the Archdiocese of Washington DC as a Catholic supporter and sponsor of homosexual marriage in Maryland.

    See where she spoke at this 2/14/11 conference "designed for Catholics interested in learning how faithful members of their church are supporting marriage equality”:

    See the last two sentences on her own website:

    "Heather lives in Takoma Park with her spouse, Deborah, and their dog, Chester. They own a small business in Silver Spring and attend St. Aloysius Catholic Church in Washington, DC."

    In addition if you look at the invitation, you will find Chocolate Mousse Cake District15 Sen. Rob Garagiola who is listed as "Catholic" on Project Vote Smart and also Ballotpedia. Rob Garagiola introduced the "Marriage Equality Bill" in the Maryland legislature this year, stressing that "religious INSTITUTIONS" would not be required to recognize these relationships.

    And then, you can view NARAL's facebook page w/all their gay comments about their decedent event, and glancing over to the left you will find Catholic Speaker of the MD house, Mike Busch, "likes" them.

    I read the USCCB came out today strongly attacking those who criticize their CCHD campaign.

  3. So Mizeur calls herself Catholic? I did not know that. Given what she did, though, I'd expect NARAL to give her accolades. The real question is how the Church hierarchy respond to her? As I read the Standard's take on her, I interpreted that not so much as "touting" but more like "lamenting".

    The USCCB's rebuttal actually came out early last month; I don't know why Catholic Culture is only now picking up on it. I "rebutted the rebuttal", as it were, on Oct 11th. Here it is as published on the Catholic Media Coalition site

  4. I'll acknowledge the Freudian nature of the typo if you acknowledge your far more Freudian penchant for pricks.

  5. We'll prick consciences when necessary. That should be obvious.

  6. When the Catholic Church wants to lament something or someone, it knows how to do it. Vide: the removal of Dan Avila from the payroll of the USCCB, the house arrest of Fr. Pavone (before he can influence the 2012 election), the denunciation of the prolife group ALL, but John Carr (for one) is still on the payroll.

    When the diocesan newspaper gives press to the pro-homosexual views and lifestyles of persons that are not denounced or excommunicated by the bishops of the diocese, but the principle (i.e. homosexual marriage) is denounced by a spokesperson of the "MD Catholic Conference", it sends a major signal to the faithful.

    As I've said for years, if Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi can meet the pope and have all the bishops tap dance around them and hand them communion while advocating for abortion, why should the faithful travel to DC in the middle of January and freeze to death for six hours for a 20 minute march? If it's not necessary for the bishops, priests and nuns to freeze to death to get to heaven, then it can't be necessary for the faithful.

    Surely, abortion must be all right if your parish pastor 5 minutes from the abortion clinic never mentions the babies being killed there every week or goes near it (but prays religiously for the un- and under-employed so that his collection basket may be filled -- surely it is more important to vote your wallet than your conscience). It is the same w/gay marriage. The more the diocesan paper presents Catholics supporting homosexual marriage (sanctioning the commission of sexual ACTS w/a member of the same sex) the more they accustom the readers of that paper (and members of that Church) to evil.

    Personally, I have never been able to make the distinction between a homosexual and one who commits homosexual acts. The statement of Jesus that lust/adultery arrises in the heart (iniquity in the heart leads to sin (acts)), but one repents of all: thought, word and deed.

    Unfortunately, if someone told me they were a murderer, I would assume they had murdered or approved of murder or might be going to murder me. Same with a thief. If homosexual ACTS are wrong always and everywhere, identifying oneself as a homosexual is to identify oneself w/sin and iniquity always and everywhere (including the sanctuary at mass). And yet my pastor, during the fight to pass gay marriage in Maryland, told me that the "best priest he ever knew" was a homosexual.Priests testified in favor of this bill in the Maryland legislature--and they have not been defrocked.

  7. Catholic Del. Mizeur will also be promoting contraception in "a series of community outreach events to promote awareness of the Family Planning Works Act, beginning with Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker."

    Date and Time:11/16/2011, 9:00 to 10:30 am
    Location:Community Clinic, Inc.
    9001 Edmonston Rd Ste 40, Greenbelt, MD 20770

    According to their "family planning" brochure which is availble in English and Spanish: "Termination services are not provided at this clinic," but no doubt, referral to MD terminators are.

    This act expands taxpayer funded "services" to "low and moderate" income Marylanders at up to 200% of the poverty level. See how much that is here:

    This bill was co-sponsored by Republican "prolife" Del. Smiegel and passed w/bi-partisan support because "Everyone should support family planning because it improves lives while saving money."

  8. "We reserve the right to delete comments that violate courtesy and/or those that promote dissent from the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church."

    Enough said. Bet you won't post this!


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