Friday, November 11, 2011

Update/Correction On CUA Lawsuit

A few weeks ago I wrote about the situation at Catholic University of America.  Legal action is being taken against CUA, ostensibly in the name of Muslim students.  In that post, I said that the students were whining about the fact that CUA was simply being Catholic.  After receiving this clarification, I now realize that I was being unfair to the students themselves, as they are not particpating in this action.

The real whiner/snivveler is John Banzhaf, a law professor at George Washington University.  For whatever reason, he has an axe to grind against Catholic University - and perhaps the Catholic Faith in general.  At any rate, CUA's Tower shows some Muslim students repudiating Banzhaf's actions.  One went so far as to say that she "would not want to be represented by a person like Banshaf".

Banzhaf has made quite a name for himself, it seems, by flinging lawsuits about as a flower girl at a wedding tosses petals all over the floor.  Why, according to his own website (such an impeccable source!), he's one of the "100 most powerful people in Washington DC".  He has filed suits against tabacco, has taken "fat" to court and is (be seated for this breathtaking revelation), the Father of Potty Parity!  I'm sure that looks impressive on his resume!  So dreaming up a bogus discrimination lawsuit is right up his ally - never mind that the "victims" that he "wants to protect" really don't want his "help".  But too bad!  If a progressive thinks you are a victim who cannot exist without his assistance, why, you're just too ignorant for your own good and you will be "represented in court" anyway!  I hope there's a halfway intelligent judge in DC who can put this man in his place!

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