Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pelosi Whines About Catholics' "Conscience Thing"

I put up two posts last month, detailing Nancy Pelosi's pearls of wisdom.  She opined that we ladies would be dropping dead like flies hither and yon if conscience protections for doctors were enacted in law. He also expressed her abject horror at the thought of Planned Parenthood's tax funding being eliminated (probably because PP would then cut their support to her sorry political career).

Two days ago, she has graced us all with more verbal cow pies in an interview with the Washington Post.  After her snit-fit about Herman Cain referring to her as "Princess Pelosi", she said (among other things) that she would not have said anything different when she said that we'd all be croaking if conscience protections were passed.  After claimng to be a "devout Catholic" (except for minor matters such as her support of baby murder and perversion of marriage, etc), she complains that we have "this conscience thing".  Again, she just can't let go this canard of women dying - probably because she can't remove her feet from her mouth.

"This conscience thing"!!   Gee!!   I wonder if she has one of those??

But wait!  It gets worse!  And I do mean it!
One major point she made during her interview was that she intends to do to "child care" what she did to "health care".  What will it entail?  Well, she'll probably say that we'll have to pass the bill to see what little embedded gremlins emerge from it.  Language in that bill will probably include things like "mandatory", etc.  And of course there will be lots and lots of bureacracies and taxes.

Parents, beware!  Also understand that critical importance of the 2012 elections.  Besides dethroning the Messiah Most Miserable, we must also make sure "pope" Pelosi never becomes the House Speaker ever again!

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